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A Sit Down With… AdeJosh.

Photo by Imaani FX

A Sit Down With

A Sit Down With… AdeJosh.

Adejosh, the musician you can never rush

Something I realised whilst walking with him through North London. His aura is calm and demeanour relaxed. And with the way he is casually strolling in the night, it’s almost as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. “You see me. I’m still developing myself. I’m working hard so that I can fulfil purpose. So I can build something to leave behind.” He tells me, satisfaction all over him. Walking beside me, wearing a red puffer jacket and a warm smile is Adejosh. An Afro-fusion artist based in London, who’s recently signed with Virgin EMI and is ready to take over the world. 

But not too quickly. Because you see Adejosh, he has a cool approach to things. An attitude that is also present in his music. With his latest single “Reload It’ helping to develop a signature silky fusion of Afropop and afroswing. He’s got down exactly what you want to hear from UK Afromusic. A sound that’s reminiscent of the warmth of its origins, paired with the coolness of the present day. Something he’s aiming to provide throughout his career. “I have songs for different types of moods, but the common element is the vibe. The spirit I put behind my music is good vibes.” Adejosh is a Christian, and lets me know that having God and a strong faith is what brought him here.

His musical talent was humbly ignited in Church, where he first learned how to play the keyboard. Where he soon became known as a musical child. Growing up he pursued this talent even more, developing into singing and writing. Fast forward to what he’s doing now, he’s doesn’t fail to thank God in every aspect of his journey. 

In talking about how ‘Reload It’ came about he says, “I’ll be real with you, because I’d be lying if I said it was all my work man. It was God. I was just graced to meet some dope people along the way, especially my management team. There’s people that have been rocking with me since 2014. So all I can say is that the journey started way before this actual moment.” 

Our conversation flows from the rising interest in UK Afromusic, honouring those that have paved the way before him to why he doesn’t go to concerts. “How can you not go concerts?” I asked him. “For self-discipline… The reason I don’t want to go to a concert is because I don’t want to go concerts as a fan. I wanna work my way to the concert stage.” Something I chose not to ask further questions on. As an individual with a strong personal conviction to work hard is not someone you challenge for the small details. 

Photo by Imaani FX

Because there’s something about Adejosh that screams ambition. It’s in his eyes, his walk and his focus. The success of his recent single has given him the desire to take his music to the furthest it can go. “I’m going to keep it real with you. How life works sometimes is. You get the opportunity to pattern yourself yeah, or life will pattern you.” He tells me as we settle under a shop’s arch at King’s Cross. “There hasn’t always been this level of attention on this genre of music. So now that there is, we need to work hard to keep it going. 2020 is going to be the year for us.” In saying this, he doesn’t deny the ones doing it before him, citing fellow Afromusic artists Sona and Afro B as big inspirations. But sets himself apart with a different aesthetic and take on the popular sound that is currently taking over the globe. 

So as we round up on this cold Monday night, I ask him to leave me with some words of wisdom. 

Photo by Imaani FX

“Your only as strong as your mentality… how you think and how you take things in. I’ve learnt that we can only as be strong as our mindsets. So you need to have your mindset correct before you can really do things.” He talks of how living in Nigeria, growing in his faith and gaining more support has helped put things into perspective. It’s clear to see how these various experiences have shaped him and his music. So expect only good vibes from Adejosh moving forward. 

Stream Adejosh’s lates below.

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