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A Sit Down With

Big Tobz

I’m running around Disturbing LDN Studios trying to find the room I need to be in! Madness. Nervous? Yes, a little. This is my first time officially interviewing someone. No pressure right?! I find the room, finally! Walk in, take off my coat, take a deep breath, switch on my professionalism and enter the next room ready to handle business.

Big Tobz. East London Rapper. The man behind Kool Nuh and Uno My Style is sat in front of me.  Quick fun fact, Tobz and I went to the same university. After a quick catch-up, we get comfy on a leather sofa and get right to it. 

[The following transcription has been condensed for reading purposes. You can listen to the full interview on our Soundcloud linked at the bottom of the interview.] 

Chellz: Hi!

Big Tobz: Hi!

Man like Big Tobz!

Gyal like Rochelle! Wassup?! What you saying? You good?

I’m good! So, you’ve just come back from… where?!

Well, I’ve just come back from Berlin!

Globetrotting as always, I like that! So, over the years, let’s just take it back a little bit… Over the years now, you’ve gone from East London boy to international superstar! How you finding that?

Nah, it’s amazing! Like, with music I’m literally just taking everything as it comes. I don’t know what to expect next. So, everything’s just been sick! Everything that’s popped up, every new experience, everything’s just been sick, like, so I’m just taking it all as it comes and I’m enjoying it! I’m loving it right now! Yeah, yeah…

Love that! So, so far what would you say, before we get into the “nitty gritty”, what would you say has been the most random experience for you? Or the biggest experience for you?

I’ll tell you what was sick! Performing in Ibiza, Disturbing Ibiza. That was crazy! That was like my first time really performing to like that kind of crowd. So that was a mad kind of experience that was very new to me as well. Other than that, it was the festivals last year. Obviously, the first time doing festivals, that was just lit! When I performed, you’ve got like thousands of people singing along to your song and it’s a crazy experience! So that was like the most sickest experiences I’ve had in my journey so far.

Ok so which track is your favourite off of Still Winning ? 

Sometimes is my favourite song. It’s pretty personal to me. Like, what I did on it was pretty amazing.

I think we’ll leave it at that! Leave a bit of intrigue there for when the people actually come to listen to it and that… Alright, so! I’m curious to know, where do you want to go after this? Like, more tours? Drop more EPs, more collabs?

Yeah! I’ve been saying that one of my biggest goals is like, doing music, is to a tour. My own tour. I’ve just come off the Wretch 32 tour and he done it with a live band! It was so inspirational, I was like, “I need to tour with a live band as well!”.

Do you tend to stick to what you know or are you open to kind of like experimenting a bit more as you go along?

I used to be very comfortable in what I’m doing but now, especially now, I’m just trying to like, do things I’m not used to. Because I feel like that’s what’s gonna bring out the best in me. Do you know what I’m trying to say? Making bangers is normal for me right now but I’m trying to do things that people have not heard before. I think my music already is pretty different anyway but I’m always trying to take it to another level, so I’m defo down to experiment and try new things.

That’s what I’m getting at. Because it’s like, your music is consistent and that is what I respect about it – the consistency.

Thank you.

People hear your voice, they know it’s you. They hear a track and they know it’s a “Big Tobz” track do you get what I’m saying? But I’m just curious to know, which level you wanna take it to. Like, if you’re gonna take those risks and shock people, surprise people. 

You wanna know if I’m gonna do like some Rock & Roll type of style! Is that what you’re trying to ask me?!

Possibly! Just something wild!

Nah! Like, anything I can put a sick vibe to, I’ll do it! I’m not really one of those guys that’s like, “ah, I’m not gonna touch that genre! I’m not gonna touch that…”. If I can put MY sauce on THAT, that’s even more sick, that’s more exciting! It’s new, do you know what I’m trying to say? So, there’s not really no limits, should I say yeah.

Listen to the full interview below where Tobz and I get into the ‘nitty gritty’ questions and talk about life, his musical hiatus, favourite artists and more.

Not for the easily offended

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1 Comment

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