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A Sit Down With… Br3nya

A Sit Down With

A Sit Down With… Br3nya

Br3nya had an amazing summer with the release of her single Double Dutch that quickly circulated and became one of the go to summer tunes. Most recently she collaborated with singer Amelia Monét and has been shelling down shows with as part of Casa BACARDÍ’s Sound of Rum crew in association with BACARDÍ’s ‘Do What Moves You’ campaign.

The campaign highlights the artists that inspire and compel us with their music, by impacting culture and staying true to themselves. The Sound of Rum crew that includes Br3nya, P Money, Donae’O and One Acen each provide their own flair to Grime, Afrobeat, Dancehall & Rap music. This is why Casa BACARDÍ has teamed up with Br3nya and co for a string of live shows across the UK. Taking on the ‘Sound of Rum’ crew name, they’ve been showcasing the intersection between their music and Caribbean influence and impact that has turned London and the wider UK into a melting pot for innovative sounds and styles.

We spoke to Br3nya about her latest collaboration, her involvement with the Sound of Rum crew as well as ‘Double Dutch’ and her relationship with Caribbean culture while growing up in London.

PRDN: Why was it important for you to collaborate with CASA BACARDÍ and the Sound of Rum crew?

Br3nya: It was quite straight forward because the brand is quite a cultural and influential company, and you know when they said Caribbean I thought yeah of course. Even though I’m African I’ve been very inspired by Caribbean culture as well so it was very straight forward. I didn’t have to think too much about it.

How did the partnership come about?

B: They reached out and you know when they described the event. Then also mentioned One Acen, Donae’O and P Money and all the others like Harry Pinero and Rudekid. I knew straight away that yeah this is going to be sick and I wanted to be involved. And at the same time they’re [CASA BACARDÍ] known for putting on good fun events. So it made sense for me to do it.

Photo credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Could you speak on how Caribbean music and culture has inspired your style, especially being from an African background growing up in London.

Growing up we listened to everything. There was even a period where all we listened to was Bashment music like Vybz Kartel and that’s around the same time I started rapping. So I’d like to think that it was a big influence on my music, I can’t say that I’m only inspired by African music or just American stuff. It’s a mixture of everything as well as that, my music is all about energy and I always try to make sure that comes across in my performances. Plus that’s a big part of Dancehall music too.

As you mentioned, the Sound of Rum crew is solid.

Yeah you know it’s a very good mixture. You’ve got P Money, Donae’O, One Acen and myself. We’re all very different so it’s good for the audience, like everyone will be catered too. Whatever they like or want to see they’ll see it because us lot as artists have so many styles between us. Everyone just brings something unique to the crew. Which is what I like about it.

Photo credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Outside of the London date at Boxpark Croydon, what other city are you looking forward to performing at?

I think Glasgow you know cos I’ve never been. I don’t know what to expect and that’s what’s most exciting for me. So I’m really looking forward to it.

You recently collaborated with Amelia Monét, what was it like working with her.

I didn’t actually know her before that, her management reached out and said they thought I’d be perfect. I had just finished performing at Merky Festival and it was a quick thing. Then we flew to South Africa to shoot the video and it was a good experience. I enjoyed it.

Photo credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Double Dutch also popped over the summer, did you expect the reception it received?

When I made it, I had in mind that it was going to be my summer song. It had the vibe and for me I felt like if I had a favourite song for summer, then it would sound like ‘Double Dutch’. So for me, it was straight forward but you never know what to expect when you release a song, how it’s going to go. Obviously I wanted it to impact and reach a lot of people. The only thing that was different that I did was I released it on my own channel and you never know how that’s going to go but it really reached a lot of people organically as well.

Br3nya and her crew will be performing tonight in Glasgow and for more information on Casa BACARDÍ Sound of Rum crew and the upcoming show dates, see below .

Glasgow – September 19th tickets here.

Leeds – September 28th tickets here.

Stream Br3nya’s latest below.

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