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A Sit Down with… CLiQ

A Sit Down With

A Sit Down with… CLiQ

You may be familiar with the name CLiQ, they are a London based production duo formed by Robin M and Max Reich. Last year their mega hit ‘Wavey’ tore up the festival and club circuits and still remains an undeniable tune to this day. Bring it up to 2019 the pair are still continuing their momentum and they have dropped ‘Dance on the Table’ featuring BBC Introducing artist Caitlyn Scarlett, Kida Kudz and Double S. I caught up with them about their new track, their live show crowd pleasers and goals for the rest of the year. 

You’ve recently released your brand new single ‘Dance on the Table’, tell us about the inspiration behind the single? 

So ‘Dance on the Table’ came around in nice way, I was working with friends of mine Banx & Ranx and we had Caitlyn come in with us, it’s the first time we ever worked together. I’ve worked with Banx & Ranx before but with Caitlyn it was the first time and there was just this mad energy in the room between all of us, we all connected together. We actually wrote a few records that day, this one here was one that really popped out for us, so we just got busy with it and brought it back into our studio and together me and Max just got cracking on with it and got the record shaped up into almost the format that your hear right now. Then we brought Kida Kudz in and he just nailed the verse, which was insane, his energy was really fun to work with and then on top of that Double S who we worked with before. I have got a lot of time for Double, so we brought him and he put his flow father vibe down on the record at the end and it was like, okay, this whole thing is really making sense now.  

When creating the track did you always have Caitlyn Scarlett, Kida Kudz and Double S in mind? 

No, we didn’t have anybody in mind, we just wanted to make a record and we were there with Caitlyn and her vocal was just incredible, we always wanted to keep her on the record and we have been trying to do even more stuff with Caitlyn since. As we started developing the record more, when we brought it back into our room, me and Max together in CLiQ started producing it up, it started to get that extra chunk that we do in all the CLiQ records. We came across Kida Kudz’s record and we were like ‘hold on, he would be a lot of fun to work with too’, so we brought him in and he just nailed that verse, so that’s how Kida Kudz came in. Double S, we were like we are lacking another something on the record so we felt who do we know that we know is just going to get this right and Double was just the right choice.

When choosing an artist to collaborate with what draws you to them and how do you go about sourcing new talent? Such as do you see them via social media or through live shows, people who you already know?

It ticks all the boxes so to speak, you are right social media, what records are out there that we really like, also people that we know or friends of friends who might say ‘this is a good shout’. Even with our label sometimes they have suggestions too, it kind of all connects together, it’s become a really nice family around our projects.

How did the duo form, tell us more about the backstory behind CLiQ?

It’s a funny story actually, the first record we ever made together was the ‘Wavey’ joint with Alika and that was formed by me and Max, were both friends before we started the project together. We happened to be in the same studio, which was a friends studio and he had to jump out for a meeting so me and Max were there and we just started a beat and that became ‘Wavey’, so that’s how it kind of started.  Then we decided ‘you know what let’s actually do this, we’ve got really good energy together, let’s make some more records’, in terms of not just being friends but in the music world too. So we focused on doing a bit of that too. When we did the ‘Wavey’ joint we met Alika and we just fell in love with her energy straight away. We actually sent her the instrumental of ‘Wavey’ and she put her verses down and the chorus was actually done on a journey to a gig, it was written at the back of the car with another friend of mine called Herbie and we put it all together and the record just made so much sense and we decided you know what this is really cool, let’s put this together as a group and we made the project CLiQ. 

For Wavey It must go crazy during your live shows, what some of your other crowd pleasers when performing live?

‘Anything I do’ with Ms Banks and Alika, we find that a lot of people sing back the chorus. ‘Clap Clap’ is a bit more for the club but when we play that the drops on ‘Clap Clap’ when it goes off. We played that in Ushuaïa in Ibiza the whole club just erupted and the people that run Ushuaïa came over to us after and were like we need to have you back, we need to keep doing this, that has been really good. With ‘Wavey’ what’s mad is every time we play ‘Wavey’ out you look out at the crowd and I can just switch off the music and they will sing the whole thing back to us, it’s fantastic, it’s amazing.

Do you have live dates in the pipeline?

We kind of decided last year we did quite a few gigs around and we did some stuff out in Holland, we did Ibiza, we did things up here, we did a couple of festivals. This year what me and Max decided is that we have so much music in the pipeline we wanted to get everything wrapped up and we have kinda put a pause on doing some shows and we wanted to focus back into getting some more music ready, so that when we go out we also have a body of work that we can also test at the clubs and test with the crowds and see how they respond to it, so we also what else to finish up there. We decided to put a little pause on the show for the moment but there are some requests coming in and they are really interesting, we had some requests from Ibiza as well, so we are waiting and seeing but right now we are doing 24/7 in the studios, just keep going.

Make sure you check out their remix of ‘Dance on the Table’ ft Tom Staar.

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