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A Sit Down With… Kaleem Taylor.

A Sit Down With

A Sit Down With… Kaleem Taylor.

In the last few years Kaleem Taylor’s been on a journey of self discovery, finding out and redefining what it is to be a man and artist through experience. Having started pursuing his career seriously in his 20s, Kaleem stands today as one of the brightest talents in the UK. Boasting electric vocals that quite literally cut through rooms, minds and hearts of his solid fan base.

I got a chance to speak to Kaleem on his recent EP release Surface. We discussed the journey to his latest project, his single Not Alone, and R&B in the UK amongst other things.

Not Alone the transparent cry for help from the singer, is a riveting record where Kaleem expresses his inability to communicate his feelings to his love interest. He recalls the inspiration for the song, “I have this thing where I don’t talk about the things that I’m going through and I don’t tell the people close to me. It’s kind of like me saying, I need to do that and realise that when I do talk people do listen and so just knowing people aren’t going to turn me away.’ the song is more a call of action for himself and others. It’s emotional 3 minutes, that many have taken to social media to express their gratitude for a song that accurately speaks to their feelings. Kaleem has in ways gifted fans with a mirror to their own battles.

Making Surface completely different ground in regards to content from the singer, who in 2017 dropped his Version EP a project he explains as having; “more stories from people around me, Surface is more personal. On Version there were things about me, but I also took inspiration from other places. I took more time on Surface making sure the message was said in the song. As it’s really about me, and with time I would say there’s been an improvement because I’ve been able to explain better”.

At the time he shared that Let It Fall was his favourite song on the project ‘I just love the way sounds, but the concept too. You know people are always going to be going through things and learning to embrace what the situation is and keep moving. It means a lot to me because it’s something I’ve been through and i just manage to say to myself ‘you gotta find a way out of this and keep going‘”.

It’s a really good time in the UK currently for R&B as an array of artists including Kaleem Taylor are releasing stellar projects showcasing their artistic ability with songwriting, vocals and performances such as Etta Bond, Ella Mai, Nao, Ray BLK, Kwabs and the list goes on. “There’s really high quality music and I feel there always has been but people are more willing to receive it now. So it’s a good place to be right, especially with music in general having actual subject and purpose instead of just putting words together. It’s an important time and I’m happy to be part of it and that conversation”.

Going back to the messaging on Surface, Kaleem simply expressed that ‘I hope people can take something from it, something they relate to or get. And realise it’s from a real place and get a feeling from Surface

Stream/Download Kaleem Taylor Surface EP below and look out for our review of his XOYO gig coming very soon.

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