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A Sit Down With… Kwaku Asante

A Sit Down With

A Sit Down With… Kwaku Asante

Allow me to introduce the sweet, soulful musician that is Kwaku Asante. An exciting new artist that is looking to make us all feel deeply. So far this year, he has made a mark with his R&B flair and empowering lyrics. Which sets the tone for the artist I anticipate he will continue to be. Take for instance on latest release Worth, he only speaks of positivity. “No no, I’m sure of my purpose. A lot of things, but I know I’m not worthless.” Hopefully written whilst visualising others singing along to it, reassuring them of their worth. I believe that having the ability to lift up others, must mean that you are also being lifted up. And support is something Kwaku says he has in abundance. “I’ve always felt lucky with how supportive my friends and family are. My best friend is so supportive. He comes to all of my shows, always wants to know the details of what I’m doing and lets me stay at his house after late sessions.” He doesn’t minimise the impact that this has on him, stating that he received more support than he anticipated. Which is probably a reason why his latest releases have strong themes of encouragement. 

I asked him to describe the moment he realised he could sing, and what that meant to him. “I remember this really clearly. I was practising for choir and I got bored, so I started to do riffs and runs. The choir director heard and was really encouraging of my singing from then on.” Such an important moment for a young man to have that type of validation, as that then led to him honing his craft. With time, he got the confidence to start uploading demos on Soundcloud. Which he got attention for, as his songs started getting played on a radio station he had always listened to at a young age. 

He describes himself as a super energetic and excitable child, far from shy. That wasn’t necessarily set on the path to a musical career. But with his active imagination and solid support system, his undeniable talent influenced him creatively. And whilst reminiscing over this moment, tells his younger self to not skip his piano and violin lessons. “Be patient when practicing the things you love, even when it isn’t so easy.” Which is a strong message to all of us that can quickly become frustrated when learning new things. But for an artist who has only had two releases of the year, its obvious that Kwaku is not in a rush to let the world know what he is doing. But lets me in on the secret that more music is coming, as he is currently writing and recording. 

“The music I make is always about the people around me. I want my music to remain sincere and honest, which is the most valuable thing I can bring to the scene.” Words spoken by a man that wants a genuine connection with people through his music. And with goals set to continuously push himself artistically, this is only the beginning for Kwaku Asante

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