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A Sit Down With… NSG.

A Sit Down With

A Sit Down With… NSG.

NSG have had one of the strongest campaigns of the year so far, as their 2018 single Options featuring Tion Wayne has snowballed into a mainstream smash hit amongst the people. Placing them at number 11 on the official chart 40 week to date, three months after it’s initial release back in November. It’s the type of support that you can’t manufacture. The authenticity and genuine intention behind Options, has truly resonated and taken over.

Made up of Kruddz, OGD, Papii Abz, Mojo, Mxjib and Dope Boy the guys appear cool and relaxed on a Monday afternoon, as we begin talking about the importance of social media to the Options movement. One video by a user called Ben, who they credit with spurring the #OptionsChallenge, steam rolled what was already being called a banger amongst fans. The guys who are super active on social media, especially Instagram can easily be found in the comment section of some of the biggest platforms engaging in casual commentary and making jokes. Something that’s helped them become a mainstay in Black British music and culture.

Kruddz states that, “collectively all the social media stuff was everyone’s plan, we’ve been putting our ideas together and pushing them on Insta and Twitter. Ben’s video’s my personal favourite, and he kinda started the whole wave cos after his video, the videos started flooding in. He set the tone”.

Life’s like a staircase, you can’t get to the top with one step.

It marks their biggest single to date and at the time of writing this, it’s tracking to enter the Top 10 on the official charts this weekend. However NSG have been consistently putting out great music for years. In 2017, Yo Darlin’ featuring Geko dropped and initiated a new level of popularity outside of their base that was mainly rooted with the Uni crowd. Abz likens their musical journey to; “Life’s like a staircase, you can’t get to the top of the stairs with one step. So let’s say Yo Darlin’ was the mid stage of that staircase.” Detailing that he noticed that it was “different from previous releases because before I couldn’t hear people listening our other songs in their car, but when that song came out. I would be walking and people would be playing it in their car, or getting a lot of snaps [snapchat] of people listening it to it. Prior to that not a lot of the our songs were getting that reaction. Yo Darlin changed that”.

Since then, they’ve released a several tunes such as P.U.T.B, Natural Disaster and collaborated again with Geko on 6:30 and Not3s on Pushing Up. Adding to their catalogue that blends many genres such as Afrobeats, Reggae and Rap. Options was produced by Jae5 and Kruddz describes that, “the relationship between producer and artist is the most important. If you want to make a banger”. Abz interjects revealing that creative was just as organic as the songs success. “There was nothing, no beat, nothing. It was just fresh. We were doing melodies, dancing and vibing. He made the instrumental in that session and yeah big up Jae5“.

With a group total of 6 members, the guys have jokingly begun self proclaimed A-Pop (African Pop) to rival that of popular South Korean K Pop genre. Not minding the comparisons, they welcome the idea of them being whatever people want to class them as whether it’s a boy band, collective or any other group label. Their music that has an innate African core influenced by Ghanian High Life sound, makes NSG a group that delivers transcendent world music not restricted by region or country.

As the weekend approaches, and the boys continue to push the everyone to keep streaming and purchasing Options, I encourage everyone reading to do the same. Aside from that, I can’t wait to hear the follow up and see NSG power through with the vibes for the rest of 2019.

Purchase/Stream Options below.

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