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AJ Tracey shuts down sold out show at Alexandra Palace

photo by Lloyd Winters

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AJ Tracey shuts down sold out show at Alexandra Palace

Marking an incredible milestone in AJ Tracey’s career the Ladbroke Grove native touched down North London for his two day back to back concert at Alexandra Palace. A defining moment, his sold out concert is not only an incredible homage to his success but also celebrated the thriving UK music scene.

Having followed his career for many years I have witnessed his progression first hand. From performing in a small venue to seeing him at Lovebox back in 2017 to headlining the main stage at Reading Festival back in August, his sold out show solidified how far he has come. 

As soon as I entered Alexandra Palace on the second date of his live show I knew that his performance was going to be on another scale. Rather than going for typical stage layout he had a square platform, which not only allowed him to get a 360 degree view of the audience, no side of the audience that was left out. Completely re-structuring the experience it felt like he was connected to the fans from all corners of the room.

Photo by Ben McQuaide

Building up the suspense to the final seconds to the opening of the concert, the venue was in drenched darkness and the light from peoples mobile phones glowed atmospherically. The venue screen switched on and AJ Tracey emerged and opened the show with his powerful single ‘Doing It’. Making his way around the stage the energy between AJ Tracey and the audience was electric. No matter where you were standing the energy was contagious and it rippled throughout the audience. 

Regardless to where he is performing what remains consistent is his stage presence and this concert was a whole new experience. The last few times I’ve seen him he’s usually part of a lineup, this time everyone was here to see him and him only. I felt an incredible sense of unity amongst the fans and it became very much a celebration of his musical success and why he is one of the frontrunners of the scene. 

With his set time almost spanning one hour and a half he went through his epic catalogue of music he has built over the years.  His astounding setlist included singles such as ‘Spirit Bomb’, ‘Psych Out!’, ‘LO(V/S)ER’, ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Pasta’ to name a few. With every track he performed the background would change and complimented the mood of the track adding to the creative and clever stage dynamic. The immersive experience was captivating and engaging and something I haven’t seen an artist do before. 

Photo Ben McQuaide

The audience at Alexandra Palace also got to see his collaborations live in the flesh and Skepta joined him on ‘Kiss And Tell’, as well as MoStack on ‘Fashion Week’ and Not3s on ‘Butterflies’. The venue was filled with people chanting ‘Thiago Silva’ and the crowd went crazy when Dave jumped on stage. Another highlight and surprise of the night was Stormzy gracing the stage where he performed ‘Vossi Bop’. We got to see AJ Tracey, MoStack, Not3s, Dave and Stormzy all in one night. 

Sealing off his show with his monumental hit ‘Ladbroke Grove’ the energy levels went through the roof and he shut down the stage on a breathtaking high. This wasn’t any other concert, he put on an outstanding show and he executed the performance in great style.

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