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Are We Rating… Alora’s New Single ‘The Homecoming’.

Are We Rating...

Are We Rating… Alora’s New Single ‘The Homecoming’.

“London to Lagos, our journey made us!” She didn’t lie! This particular journey actually made this video… “The Home Coming”, Alora’s latest release. The London based Nigerian rapstress flew home to really embrace her roots and tell her story. In “The Home Coming” she gives us glimpses of her city, her country and how it made her.

Mixing with the locals in the markets and enjoying a bike ride in the bustling streets of Lagos, Alora speaks on how these streets paved way for her musical growth and life experiences. The song itself, although short and sweet, is a motivational and positive outlook on starting from humble beginnings and having aspirations, dreams and the belief to be someone great.

Personally, I liked the stripped back feel of the video, no airs and graces, just authentic and full of culture from the scenery to the woman herself. What has been interesting is seeing Alora’s confidence and artistry develop since her first project “Second Decade” in 2017. Since then she has performed at various events, held her headline show last year and made a solid impact during her time in Lagos. Wanting to really keep this review authentic, I decided to speak to Alora and really get a feel for the background behind the song, video and what we can expect next.

Blogger and Spoken Word Poet by the name of Xmpress (stands for Express Empress but simply said as Empress).

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