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Are We Rating… Prynce Mini’s ‘God Bless Me’.

Are We Rating...

Are We Rating… Prynce Mini’s ‘God Bless Me’.

I am definitely rating Prynce Mini’s new release God Bless Me.

I like it because it’s excitable and solemn at the same time. Like serious music that you can really vibe to. I say serious because he has some sombre lyrics in this song, giving me a visual image of Prynce Mini in a dark room looking in the mirror telling himself “I never learn, I never learn”. 

This song demonstrates a yearning of human understanding. Created to reassure those who hear this songs that they are not alone. “Out of all the records I’ve ever made, this is one that will forever serve a purpose. Because for me, it marks the end of a very dark period in my personal life. It brings me back to those moments every time I listen to it. And I’m thankful and feel blessed that I’m able to do that with music. And I hope that people feel that too.”

In God Bless Me, Prynce experiments with the different tones and attitudes of his voice. Giving the track many dimensions to enjoy. When listening to a new song, you either focus on the beat or the lyrics. However due to the jumpy rhythm and the ‘in your face’ lyrics, you are forced to pay attention to both. But of course this is done without regret, as this song is great. Check it out!

Stream/Download God Bless Me below.

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