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Black Women Appreciation in ‘Mayaa’ Visuals


Black Women Appreciation in ‘Mayaa’ Visuals

Cue opening scene. A mother playing with her child. The start of the visual already emanating a joyous and peaceful vibe. One that was created to celebrate black queens. Each model, representing different cultures and countries, is beautiful. “I wanted to create a visual ode to black women.” Juls explains about this video, directed by Jeremy N. Cole

Juls as an artist is outstanding. Every project he puts out is unique in sound and aesthetic. He is definitely in a lane of his own. He’s worked with many artists but on this one invites Tiggs Da Author and Santi. Who’s calming vocals flow nicely with the pace of the visual. Scene after scene of women dancing and swaying softly to the music. Adorned in jewels and covered in fabrics. The brown and blue tones to the visual presents a natural tone and experience. ’Mayaa’ is a viewing pleasure. I feel that the message behind this video is strong yet subtle, because it would be ignorant to say that Juls is the first to do this. But his contribution to loving black women loudly and proudly is appreciated. 

The visual ends again with mother and child, solidifying his appreciation for one of women’s greatest roles. And winning the hearts of many more, I’m sure. Check out the visual to ‘Mayaa’, out now. 

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