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‘What Does It Mean To Be A Man?’ Watch Dear Male Ego 2′ & Find Out.


‘What Does It Mean To Be A Man?’ Watch Dear Male Ego 2′ & Find Out.

Update: You can now watch the full musical film Dear Male Ego by Darnell Depardine above and read about his creative process here . Let us know your thoughts on this over at PRDNUK.

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Dear Male Ego 2 is a visual portrait album, by Director Darnell Depardine. It explores the boundaries that mainstream masculinity is framed within and aims to challenge the perception of, ‘what it is to be a man’.

The newly released trailer, gives viewers a glimpse of what will appear in the upcoming visual album. Featuring vocals from Anjelo Disons and Thea GajicDepardine also executive produced the soundtrack by handpicking every artist and producer that would; ‘capture the emotion that runs parallel to the powerful imagery throughout the film’.

Check it out the trailer above and revisit the Darnell Depardine’s first instalment Dear Male Ego below.

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