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Etta Bond’s Drops New Sultry Single ‘Let Me Hit It’.

Etta Bond’s Drops New Sultry Single ‘Let Me Hit It’.

Etta Bond is back with a new buff single! So, I’m back with another review, I mean, c’moooon! BUT before I break it down and all that let me just shed some light on the Surface Challenge video and single.

So, everyone should know by now – SHOULD (eye roll for those that have been living under rocks for the last month), Etta dropped Surface on the 18th May and it sent the people dem loopy. The tune itself was a madness. The beat had everyone wanting to jump on and showcase their own skills and talents; to which Etta revelled in.

Now onto what you came for… her new single and video Let Me Hit It. For those of you that follow Bond’s music and her journey will know that she is not afraid to story-tell or bring forth subjects that others may shy away from. In this song, she speaks on being sexually liberated, exploring her desires and taking control. The video itself mirrors the lyrics, showcasing Etta in various stages of undress and within the company of different men and women and feeling comfortable enough to be herself as well as confident in expressing her needs.

Quick-fire snapshots of Etta interacting with each lover, match the timing of the beat before it eases into a lingering rhythm of each bedroom scene. Could that be compared with foreplay leading into making love? Or maybe likened to the chase itself? The eagerness of one person, the temptation of another? The video also shows her listening to music, songwriting and in parts possibly daydreaming or reflecting. Is this a subtle indication that maybe she places music and sex as two of the most important things in her world? Maybe it isn’t about the physical aspect of sex but more-so the intimacy between two people overall for example; communication, expression, being free to do as one pleases as long as the energy and surroundings are safe and there is a level of respect. I think the video definitely allows room for this analysis and discussion.

The song itself, so soothing! Etta kept Let Me Hit It much like Surface, vocally, in the sense that it was stripped back and the harmonies subtly layered throughout the chorus. Unlike Surface, the beat for Let Me Hit It is a lot more mellow and lifted by a steady but not overpowering bass line. In this song, although the overall feel (both vocally and audibly) is laid-back and calming, the lyrics are quite the opposite. The lyrics paint a picture of having previously resisted expressing or confessing these sexual urges to then laying it all out on the table. “How many times have you pictured me naked?”. A question that possibly receives more than one answer as the question itself is quite layered like the following;

Have you ever pictured me naked?

If so, how many times?

Lastly, soooo, why we only getting round to this now my G?!

See what I mean?!

After taking some time out, it seems that Etta is making good on her vow to take “no more breaks” as she has hosted a handful of events this year and dropped two new singles with visuals to accompany them. Work-mode activated! It’s fair to say that she is one of a few UK artists that seem free to be adventurous with their music and truth to themselves in their lyrics.

Stream/Download Let Me Hit It here.

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