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From Producing to Singing: Wauve Makes His Debut


From Producing to Singing: Wauve Makes His Debut

After not being satisfied with how singers used his beats, London-based Wauve has now transitioned into singing himself.

There are a few main attributes which turn a song into a good-sounding piece of music. First of all there is the artist, but most importantly the producer who provide the perfect beat for an artist. Yet, they don’t stand in the spotlight and, most of times, barely get any recognition for the hard work. In the UK we’ve had the pleasure to listen to bangers which are produced by the likes of Steel Banglez, Jae5, Nyge or Kenny Allstar who are shaping the way for up-and-coming geniuses behind the scenes.
Although sometimes, producers even decide to take everything into their own hands and take on the role as a singer/rapper as well. Among them is Wauve. Based in London with an Eritrean background, he started producing when he was quite young already. “I was really into IT when I was younger. There was a time when I just stayed in and be on my computer, I was excited by having a computer. I didn’t have one until I was like 11 years old, everybody else did though. What stuck with me was doing music on the computer, not graphics or anything else.”

Having always been into music from early on and even taking piano lessons at school, it all fell into place and he eventually downloaded the right software and started producing properly. “It was all about producing at that time. I didn’t make any songs. It’s one thing to know things and being intrigued by it, I would just research it on YouTube. Everything was trial and error. Being bored in my house made me sit there and go through it, it was like a game for me.” Although it was only until a couple of years later that he took it even more serious and figured it was more than just a hobby for him. Only 15 years young, he knew producing is what he loved and pursue a career in as nothing else in secondary school and college seemed too appealing to him. Trying to go against education, Wauve tried to find out to see whether a career in production would work out. Eventually he produced his very first song for a Youtuber who specialized in gaming. “During this time it was kind of an era where YouTubers would put out songs. At the time he was one of the first people to mix music and a YouTube channel, and I was helping him with that”. Meeting in college, they set up meetings where they would produce music for his rather successful YouTube channel. Going under a different producer name back then, he has now completely rebranded himself now that he is going into a singing direction himself. “Wauve used to be my producer name as well, it came about from a simple sound. It sounded like “Wauve”, so I called myself that because I loved the sound. And then I met people in the industry who told me I could be an artist as well. I just kept the name, before that it was just my real name.”

Ultimately, he took the advice of his peers by heart and transitioned into songwriting and singing – a transition he finalised when he felt a lack of notoriety among the artists who used his beats. He knew it was time to take on things into his own hands. “I used the microphone, which I handed to others previously, myself. Doing my own music taught me a lot. In my free time I tried to do it better than they did. After all, it’s my house, so it was a lot of experimenting. I did sound completely rubbish at first.”

Fast forward and Wauve is now signed to Lost Ones, an imprint by Virgin Records, after a lot of practice and numerous takes. “I had a couple of demos because I was recording with some YouTubers I know. Through YouTuber Parris I met the legendary DJ Masterstepz, who came back from a stint in Dubai and heard my demo and liked it. He saw a future for me in the industry and introduced me to everyone he knows.”
Finally having released his debut single Wayside Story ft. Kida Kudz which sees him on both the singing and production side, and showcases his clear influence from Bryson Tiller and Chris Brown, he is currently working on an EP as well. “I’ve got a lot of songs which I want to release. After Wayside I’ve got one with DJ Masterstepz, and it’s all part of a project.”

Watch his single below and let us know your thoughts:


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