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Mahalia Releases The Visuals For The Emotive ‘No Reply’.


Mahalia Releases The Visuals For The Emotive ‘No Reply’.

The weathers finally picking up and of course you know you’re due to receive a few texts from from an ex or people you’d rather not engage with. Mahalia has just released the perfect soundtrack for leaving those messages unread and staying unbothered with No Reply.

The song where Mahalia sings about a one sided relationship that eventually ends with her walking away from it, is something most of us can relate to. Sometimes it’s just not worth the frustration, and Mahalia makes it clear she’s over it on the slow tempo R&B jam.

No reply is available to stream/buy here

Update: Mahalia has now released the visual for No Reply. Glasses of wine, longing stares out of the window and empty dinner tables and Mahalia’s performance encapsulate the emotive tune perfectly.

Not for the easily offended

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