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Kojo Funds’ Owned The Night At Electric Brixton Headline Gig.

Venla Shalin

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Kojo Funds’ Owned The Night At Electric Brixton Headline Gig.

On Thursday evening, decked out in Adidas attire Kojo Funds took over Electric Brixton, and when I say it was a takeover I mean he dominated that stage and venue space with a presence and charisma many newer acts lack when it comes to live performances.

For an artist with no official EP or LP the fervour was high in anticipation. In fact the excitement of the group of guys in front of me was almost as entertaining as watching Funds’ on stage as he opened up with My 9ine and the chants from the crowd were loud and jubilant. He did that many times throughout the show, singing parts of his songs acapella and allowing the crowd to participate in singing the rest until he ushered in the music and performed. Then it dawned on me Funds’ doesn’t even have an official EP or LP (excluding mixtapes) out he’s literally gone from strength on single releases for nearly 2 years at this point. I don’t know about anyone else but that’s pretty amazing to me.

Photo by Chloe Newman

As the night continued he ploughed through his current catalogue of hits; Check sans Raye, My Wish, Warning, Fine Wine and the list goes on and with every song introduction making perfect sense next to the last. Electric Brixton felt like a huge singalong, the type where you get super animated with your friends. From the vigorous head nods, hand waving, body swaying and jumping on each other. That was everyone on Thursday night belting out Funds’ lyrics with the same passion you might see at a Drake concert, living through the music in the best way. Funds’ bopped around the stage, dancing, playing off of his DJ’s adlibs, shared some exclusive material with his fans and rolled out the guest performances from the likes of Chip, Wretch 32, Yxng Bane, Abra Cadabra and a few more during the duration of the night. None overshadowing that this was Funds’ moment and Wretch grinning widely let everyone know that Funds’ was still the ‘golden boy’.

For an artist who’s consistency and creative flair when it comes to crafting infectious music has put him at the forefront of the newly dubbed (who actually coined this term) ‘afroswing’ genre. Funds’ commanded the attention of the room effortlessly much like his music and if you missed this show then don’t make that mistake next time Funds’ announces a gig.

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