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The End’s Festival; A Win For the Community.


The End’s Festival; A Win For the Community.

Last weekend, I travelled. I went to The Ends Festival. Hosted in Croydon, South London. Lloyd Park is home to what will now be known as the annual The Ends Festival. An event that had taken two years to plan, was carefully executed in three days. Over 30,000 people were in attendance over the sunny weekend. Dancing, drinking and laughing into June. The perfect way to start summer. Organisers Metropolis Music, kept a tight ship. With the schedule running smoothly, helpful staff and amazing vendors. For the first ever The Ends Festival, the bar was set. And it was set quite high. 

The Ends Festival. If you didn’t understand why it was even called that, then it was not for you. As it is a colloquial term used to describe where a person is from. It was the right name for the vibe it created. Allowing a community to come together, bask in the sunlight and enjoy good music. The run up to the festival demonstrated just how community-focused the organisers were, with a resident guest list and free ticket giveaways. It made me admire just how comfortable they wanted everyone to feel. There was familiarity there. A space to gather and celebrate without any fear. A home one might say, The Ends.

The line up was diverse. Flowing from Hip Hop to Soul. From Pop to Afrobeats. And from Jazz to Reggae. There was something for everyone. Whilst impossible to see every artist, I know each act would have had something special about it. From the emerging artists on the Future stage to the headliners. Each artist gave a performance worth watching. Whether it was dancing giant bobbleheads with J Balvin or moshing around to ‘Options’ with NSG. The energy of the festival was so intense, you’d forget that you’ve been on your feet for three days straight. Next year, I’m sure this event will be in demand, and I’m excited to see what will happen. But for now, The Ends Festival was a definite win for the community. 

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